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Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock

Website: http://www.pennyred.net

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the fall of rome

fake flowers


Pennyred is an indie-rock band based out of Wilmington, MA. The band has been together since 2001 and released their debut album, The Citystate Falls, on April 4, 2005. Pennyred is currently touring New England and has headlined such venues as The Middle East Downstairs, TT the Bear's Place, and O'Brien's Pub. Pennyred had also been booked at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, as well as The Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, OH.

"Okay, so just who do these cats think they are? Coming onto MY turf, submitting (as their debut, no less) a concept album in the grand tradition of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway replete with power-poppy dialogues between Saturn and Apollo replete with ... a "Narrator." ...The songs are too well-constructed; the melodies are too lush and pretty---it's all too earnest. But it's... ridiculous in a vastly entertaining way which allows it to transcend its pretentions."

Francis DiMenno
The Noise - Boston

"What do we have here? Hmm, nice and melodic modern rock with tasty guitars. The Boston based band Pennyred is a new discovery for me and probably most of you readers. But once again we do have proof of that Internet is a fantastic place to find new and interesting bands that´s not on the major ones. With a sound close to Foo Fighters with a classic rock edge combined with some punk traces ala Die Trying, Pennyred found good musical mix. Classic like I wrote, but also fresh with the youthful edge that will suit for all you that are into modern rock and styles around that. This could have been boring if they would have sounded like another version of Grohl and his bandmates, but they’re not, just a nice complement to those that want timeless rock with no nu or post edges. Check em out!"
Highlights: I’ll run away, Defining The Comfort Zone, Just For a While, Take Your Medicine

Review by: Johan Wippsson
Melodic.net - Sweden

"This four piece charismatic rock band from the Boston area has a debut album which almost resembles a tragic play based on their life experiences. These eleven tracks offer a various array of different techniques and music formats. Profound lyrics combined with brilliant instrumentation are what make the album shine. "I'll Run Away" has a quirky sound, high energy, bellowing vocals and a high amount of personality. "Fake Flowers" is extremely intense, purely riveting rock and roll. "Just For A While" is a soft spoken acoustic song with lyrics of complete bliss. Keep your eye on this band; they are headed for a long career."

Review by-Geoff Dellinger

"Holy crap, a concept album! Released in July, Pennyred's The Citystate Falls chronicles a nasty breakup -- not between the singer and his girl, but between the mythological gods Apollo and Saturn. The important part of the story is that it unfolds to a summery soundtrack of radio-friendly Rock."

- CityBeat (Cincinnati News & Entertainment Guide)