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Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock, Solo

Website: http://www.mademoisellemusic.com


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Samuel Cabral / Mademoiselle Biography

In the early hours of August 10, 1976, the New England news channels were warning people to stay inside their houses, in order to avoid category 3 - Hurricane Belle.
But Margarida and Joaquim Cabral couldn't stay home and began rushing towards the Hospital.
Under this beautiful chaos, Samuel Neves Cabral was born.

Living in the New England area until the age of 9, Sam was always surrounded by musicians in his family.
Shortly after his 9th birthday, the Cabral family moved back to a Portuguese mid-atlantic group of islands called the Azores.

Listening to dark and strange bands such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd at a very early age, and later to Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, the Cocteau Twins and Jeff Buckley, played a great role on establishing a direction for Sam's music and creativity.

He would always be intrigued with how some of these artists could make music so haunting but very beautiful at the same time.

It was during his teenage years that he started feeling the need to create his own music and sing.
Thus his first band - Achen' Hole Sinners. An "Alt/Punk Rock" act that toured the islands of the Azores and even had one of their songs (Funny Bleed) hit the number 1 spot on the RDP Azores radio chart for 3 consecutive weeks.
In 1994 Sam and his band-mates received the "Best New Band" and "Best New Singer" awards.

In 1998, Sam moved to the U.S. to try his music in the "Land of Opportunity".

Shortly after his first year in the U.S., he helped create the form Ghost 24. A band, creating together for 4 years who released 2 albums. The later, an EP entitled Hover received radio-play on stations such as 104.1 (WBCN) and 107.3 (WAAF). The EP also received reviews describing it as: "Very dark, haunting cerebral and rockin', while still encapsulating" - Deek McDeekula III (The Boston Soundcheck Magazine).

With the Ghost 24 chapter closed, Sam wasted no time preparing his next project - Mademoiselle. A solo project where all songs are written, performed and recorded by Sam. Well rounded in his creative abilities, Sam further contributed to Mademoiselle's rich overall identity by designing the CD cover art and supporting multimedia flash web site.

"The name Mademoiselle represents the change from a young body and soul into a more mature one, along with all the beauty and the strange in between." - Sam Cabral.

The newly released Mademoiselle EP provides the listener with various emotions, with songs such as:
Tornado - a song about lust, passion, giving into our primitive instincts.
Worth Changing - a twist on the various unfortunate and sometimes ironic episodes of life.

A few of these new songs are currently being played at 91.5 WMFO.

Although Mademoiselle is a young venture, the music already carries what is becoming Sam's trademark style.
Music that is sometimes dark and haunting, other times hopeful, but always cathartic and pure in essence.

Thank you for taking your time to share in Sam's experiences and supporting future creations.