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Genre: Folk


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Use of the Grassholes name can be traced back to the days when local bluegrass musician Carter Logan, of Jerks of Grass, used to host late-night jam sessions on his back porch in Virginia, where luminaries and locals alike would show up and be Grassholes for the night. After moving to Maine, he affixed the moniker to a group of his pickers he cobbled together in 2000, thinking he had found some like-minded musicians. The name stuck, and the Grassholes — currently comprising Gail Landry on the stand-up bass, Merrill Marsh on rhythm guitar, Rob Neilson on mandolin, Sam Pfeifle on lead guitar, Field Rider on banjo, and Emily Wiederkehr on fiddle, all playing around one microphone in traditional bluegrass fashion with vocals from all parties — have been recalling the sound of Appalachia together ever since.
After a one-year monthly residency at Silly’s in Portland, the Grassholes have moved on to play the St. Lawrence Arts and Cultural Center, the Poland Spring Music Festival, the Center for Cultural Exchange, Local 188, Bull Feeney’s, and the WIB Bluegrass Festival with bands like the Muddy Marsh Ramblers, Jerks of Grass, and the Mammals.